Please click on the X in the lower right of each document to view the pdf in its entirety. Below are South Atlantic government-sponsored redress examples. At the bottom of the page, we have uploaded one national example, The Civil Rights History Project Act of 2009.

DC: Juneteenth

DE: Resolution 10 Apology

DE: Senate Bill 148 Redding Consortium

DE: Bill 222 Redistricting Redding Consortium

DE: Bill 282 Juneteenth

FL: Juneteenth

FL: Hb 591 Rosewood

MD: Equity Assistance Fund

MD: City of Annapolis apology for racial injustice

MD: Apology for slavery

MD: House Bill 307 Lynching Truth and Reconciliation Committee

MD: Montgomery County Council Remembrance and Reconciliation Commission

MD: SB 751 Slavery Era Insurance Policy Reporting

MD: Juneteenth

NC: Asheville Reparations

NC: 2009 Racial Justice Act Original Full Text

NC: Regret for Slavery

NC: 2020Rocky Mount City Council Minutes

NC: Wilmington Race Riot Commission

SC: Juneteenth

MD: Juneteenth

SC: Juneteenth

SC: Removal of SC Battle Flag of the Confederate States of America

VA: Arlington change name of Jefferson Davis Highway

VA: Brown v. Board of Education Scholarship Program and Fund

VA: Fairfax County School board School Name Change

VA: Regret for servitude of Africans and exploitation of Native Americans

VA: Richmond City School Board 

VA: Joint apology for lynching

VA: Repeal of Lee Jackson as a Commonwealth holiday

VA: Juneteenth

WV: Juneteenth


National Public Law Civil Rights History Project Act of 2009

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