There is limited research on local redress within the United States. Even further, there is less scholarship specifically on African American local redress efforts. We encourage an investment in this research for several reasons.

  1. To develop a greater understanding of the methodological and conceptual tools necessary to address historical legacies of racial injustices
  2. To understand the justice potentials of local redress.
  3. To increase investments towards African American or Black American redress efforts.
  4. To examine racial redress within the context of U.N. reparations and the protection of human rights.
  5. To uncover historically silenced narratives.
  6. To heighten awareness.

In this section our resources of the following:

  1. Community activist reparation toolkits
  2. Government sponsored redress legislation
  3. Peer-reviewed bibliography on reparations, restorative justice and redress
  4. State by State contact list for the South Atlantic region